Cottage Cheese, it can actually taste good.

Two days ago I posted on my facebook page that I was going to do the cottage cheese test, to get an idea of the size of my stomach. Immediately the comments came in “cottage cheese smells like feet” “Cottage cheese makes me gag”  and in my inbox “OMG Michelle, cottage cheese is sour milk!”. Now, I personally HATED cottage cheese. I had tried it way back when I use to attempt to diet. I tried it before my surgery and right after my surgery. It  was never ever appealing to me. Not at all. Let me also point out that I use to gag at the thought of yogurt, and we all know how I feel about Greek yogurt now.

I had some cottage cheese recently. Plain, low fat cottage cheese.  It didn’t disgust me. It didn’t thrill me. It was slightly salty and reminded me a bit of feta. I love feta. I snack now and its not always or even usually the best choices of snack. So, when I decided to do this cottage cheese test, I decided I’d buy two pints of the stuff and I’d play with it till I liked it.

With feta in mind, I grabbed some lovely cucumber and fresh vine ripe tomatoes. I chopped them up, combined them with the cottage cheese, added sea salt, pepper and drizzled it with balsamic vinegar.  It didn’t smell like feet! It smelled like a fresh salad. The taste, was lovely! I have now been snacking on this mixture for two days. I chop and mix as I go, so that its always fresh and delicious. I’m thinking that next time I hit the produce section, some fresh herbs are in order. I imagine that it can only get better!

The cottage cheese test is a way of measuring the functional size of your stomach. You take a new container of cottage cheese, and quickly eat as much as you can (on an empty stomach), until you are satiated. When you feel comfortably satiated, you stop. You then measure how much is missing from the container. To make this less complicated,  I had 2 4oz servings portioned out. I was satiated with just over 4 ounces.

I’m telling you, this doesn’t suck.

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