It’s been a doozey!

I just returned home from a 10 day trip up to NY. My husband, my MIL, the 4 kids and I jumped in the car around 11:30 PM on 6/20 and arrived back home around 6am on 7/2. In that time away, we crashed at my best friend’s house, invaded my brother’s pool, beach bummed, went to some little league baseball, invaded my sister’s h0use, went to the movies, had a date night in Manhattan, and so much more!

At nearly two years out, I have slacked a bit in my rules. I didn’t keep up on my hydration and I didn’t eat well at all. Who does on vacation? I gave myself permission before hand to be bad if I needed to be. I never really went over the top crazy with food, but I was HORRIBLE… TERRIBLE about drinking.  It caught up with me, in a big way.


Lets just say that navigating Manhattan, while feeling totally out of it, is no easy task. I was thankful for the cab that got us from Grand Central to the Village. The dehydration hit me on the train from Manhattan back to the suburbs. I can’t really recall much, but i know that it was scary and I was completely out of it. My muscles were twitching and I felt like poo.

I’m telling you this, because I was cocky. I felt that I knew my body and that I was in control enough to know what to expect. I was well aware, through out the week, that I didn’t feel right. I was just stubborn and didn’t want to call attention on to myself. Drinking cold drinks felt like razors in my belly, and warm drinks in 90 degree weather were unappealing. I wasn’t intentionally avoiding fluids, but I was nowhere near sip sip sipping y way through a day.

I’ve learned that coconut water is my friend. I don’t love the taste of it, but it makes me feel better pretty darn fast. The Sobe Life Water is pretty damn good though.


Since my big bad ugly episode (which I can’t explain, because I don’t remember it), I have been drinking much more. Mostly because everybody and their brother is pushing fluids on me. There is no forgetting to drink these days. The kids have been put on fluid pushing duty while dad is working. When he is home, he is handing me water bottle after water bottle.

I’m lucky that I wasn’t alone. I’m blessed to have people who know me well enough to ignore my snarls and keep on me anyway.

At nearly two years out, I should have known better… and yet I let the most basic rule slip and I paid the price! Stay hydrated kids. The fall out sucks.

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  1. Lisa
    Jul 13, 2012

    I know what you mean. I am so bad at water these days. I am getting my sleeve revised in a week or so and I need to get back on track soon!
    Lisa recently posted..So this is hell… :/My Profile

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