How do you handle compliments? Slimpressions wants us to be positive about ourselves!

“Wow, look at you! You’re just fading away. You look amazing!” ….. “Oh, thank you. My hair is a wreck, my eyes have luggage for a family of six and my skin hangs to my knees. You don’t want to see me when I get up in the morning”    This was an exchange between one of the people who works for my doctor and myself last week. I do this all the time. Compliment handed out… and I can’t STFU and say thank you, I feel great. No I say stupid things that belittle how incredible I DO look to other people and TO MYSELF! Because I DO look good, compared to where I was in March 2010! (insert self bitch slap)

I bet you do it too. You do don’t you? Think about it…. I’ll wait. The two of you that said no, stand up right now and take a bow! The rest of you, sit your ass down right now and get to reading! This is from Amy Pedersen of Slimpressions, and she is talking to you and to me and to women everywhere!

This is the CHALLENGE!

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